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What is a LED packaging adhesive?

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  LED package of plastic: plastic packaging of high-power light-emitting diodes, with a high refractive index and high transmittance, can increase the LED luminous flux, low viscosity, easy deaeration, for potting and molding, the LED has better durability and reliability.


  Plus molding liquid silicone rubber potting material has a colorless, transparent, no low molecular weight byproducts, stress is small, can be deep curing, non-corrosive, easy to control cross-linked structure, small vulcanized product shrinkage, etc; colloid can cure at room temperature , can be cured by heating; cured colloid having resistance to thermal shock, high temperature aging excellent performance and resistance to ultraviolet radiation; in addition, it also has low viscosity, good fluidity, simple process, quick advantages. Therefore, add molding silicone is widely recognized as the ideal power LED packaging materials.

  Product Categories:

  · LED Lens filled silica gel

  Filled silicone lens is divided into two types:

  1, room temperature curing type

  At room temperature curable gel

  Curing conditions: 25 ℃ / 24h

  2, heat curing type

  · Heat-curing gel

  Domestic first lens can be heated fast curing gel-filled, low winter temperatures for emergency shipments or customer use.

  Curing conditions: 50 ℃ / 2-4h

  · Silicone Elastomer

  Curing speed, it can be over reflow

  Curing conditions: 100 ℃ / 1-2h

  · LED module mode top plastic packaging

  Good PPA for copper and other metal materials and galvanized material adhesion, and PC material with good release properties

  Curing conditions: 100 ℃ / 1h + 150 ℃ / 2 ~ 4h


  For high power LED, SMD LED lamp beads, integrated modules, molded top, molding strip package

  · LED cofferdam gum

  Product Features:

  Good thermal conductivity (thermal conductivity 0.6), strong bond to metal such as aluminum, high-temperature aging

  Curing conditions: 150 ℃ / 1h


  For high-power LED surface light source

  SMD LED cofferdam seal

  · LED Phosphor gum

  1. Colorless transparent elastomer

  Curing conditions: 120 ℃ / 2h + 150 ℃ / 1h

  Corresponding foreign brands and models: Dow Corning (DOW CORNING) of the OE-6550, OE-6551

  2. colorless and transparent soft gel

  Curing conditions: 100 ℃ / 3h

  Corresponding foreign brands and models: Dow Corning (DOW CORNING) of the OE-6450

  Uses: For high power LED phosphor formulation

  Key Features:

  (1) mixing a low viscosity, degassing good; color: transparent, black, white and so on.

  (2) at room temperature using a long period, the temperature fast curing for 2-3 hours, can be affected by changes in temperature and bending stress tear strip, non-corrosive;

  (3) After curing excellent mechanical and electrical properties, low shrinkage, curing light transmission is good.


  (1) The product is high translucent LED glue for LED encapsulation molding, the biggest feature is the water permeability resistance, high temperature resistant to 500 hours does not change color characteristics, low mixed viscosity, good fluidity, easy foaming, may use a long time;

  (2) temperature or high temperature curing, fast curing speed;

  (3) after curing yield rate of small places, good moisture resistance, good gloss, high hardness; good cured mechanical strength, excellent electrical properties, resistance to heat and atmospheric aging;

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